Welcome to Robin’s Nest House Cleaning Service, LLC

We treat your house as our house.  We take care and have respect for your things.  We are pet and child friendly.

We provide cleaning supplies and vacuums.  We do have clients that prefer that we use their supplies and vacuums and we are happy to do that, too.   If you have circumstances that need special products we would ask the client to provide those products.

Our policy is to make an appointment with our clients and set up a cleaning schedule.  We will call you the day before and remind you of your cleaning and approximate time we will be there (if you are one of our “once in a while” client we will contact you a week in advance).  Because of weather and traffic conditions we do not guarantee our arrival time.  Because we are a family owed business, we may need to reschedule your cleaning appointments.  We will try to contact you far in advance as possible, and make other arrangements.

As a family business, sometimes Robin’s Nest will close for holidays or family time.  We will provide a written notice placed within your house (usually in the same place where you leave payment.), in advance as a courtesy to our clients.